It’s no secret that sports and music are a perfect match. You only need be at a big sporting event to know how important a stadium-sized tune is to getting hearts racing and setting the scene for the action unfolding on the field.

But it’s not often that the person creating that power-packed sports action is the same person behind the mic – until now. The release of debut album ‘Maak Jou Drome Waar’ by AB de Villiers and Ampie du Preez is a first for a top-drawer South African cricketer – and will come as a brilliant treat to those who have tracked the career of the prodigiously talented top-order batsman.

Of course, De Villiers is quick to pay tribute to his “team-mate” in creating “Maak Jou Drome Waar”.

“Ampie’s an amazing partner to work with and a brilliant musician,” the cricketer-turned-musician says of his longtime friend and creative comrade-in-arms on the 14-track offering.

Ampie du Preez – who has gained a reputation as a formidable musician through his work with bands like ‘n Man Soos Jan – is as full of praise for his partner on “Maak Jou Drome Waar”.

“AB is as fearless with his music as he is on the cricket pitch,” du Preez reveals.

Another strong player has joined the playing field in this team – Stick Sports and they bring us the challenge of a lifetime – STICK CRICKET AB DE VILLIERS CHALLENGE –

International online sporting channel Stick Sports and Sony Music Entertainment deliver a compelling, addictive and unique game especially for the South African audience.

So lets Play…..

You are batting as AB de Villiers in Ahmendabad, against India during the 2nd test of South Africa’s 2008 tour. In this match AB de Villiers scored a personal best 217 not out. The innings lasted 8 hours in blistering heat and earned his team a record beating victory over India and for himself the Man of the Match. That day he “Showed them who he is” (Show Them Who You Are: track no. 12).

The challenge is to see how quickly you can score 217 runs against the same bowling attack that AB faced in 2008. AB is the ONLY batsman in this game therefore the game is over if you lose just one wicket.

This is an world first game format for Stick There will be a DAILY high score chart listing the quickest innings. eg: Fixxer 9.4 overs. To get onto the high score chart you will need to score greater than (or equal to) AB’s highest score of 217*. You are given 20 overs but the target can actually be reached in 6.1 overs if played by hitting perfect 6’s throughout.

This game mode offers great balance between AB de Villiers’ international cricket achievements and Stick Cricket’s slog mentality to serve all types of Stick Cricket users. It is also a suitable platform for the promotion of music.

Both De Villiers and Du Preez are proud South Africans – and alongside the songs of young crushes (the nostalgic “Onthou Jy”) and early love (“Valentyn”) comes ‘Madibaland”, a moving, thoughtful and delicately-rendered tribute to former President Nelson Mandela. The song appears twice on “Maak Jou Drome Waar” – an original and an acoustic version. It’s an indication of how important Madiba is to two young Afrikaners who are fully engaged with the heart of the democratic South Africa – and, in De Villier’s case, stands as a role-model to young South Africans of all backgrounds.
“We hoped to make an album that was first and foremost great entertainment for music fans,” says Du Preez. “But,” adds De Villiers, “we also wanted the album to uplift, inspire and unite everyone in the spirit of Madiba.”

Indeed. With “Maak Jou Drome Waar”, these creative talents have done just that – proving once and for all that sports and music can combine in the most potent way.

Album Tracklisting:

1. Maak Jou Drome Waar (1st single and video)
2. Lift
3. Forgiveness feat Snotkop (2nd single)
4. Madibaland
5. Deel Van My (3rd single)
6. Misunderstood (1st English single)
7. Hoor Jy My
8. Stronger
9. Sprokie Vir Jou
10. Valentyn
11. Onthou Jy
12. Show Them Who You Are
13. Asem In
14. Madibaland (acoustic)

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  1. lerissa says:

    where can i get the lyrics of the song?

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