Sony Music Africa is proud to announce the release of Karen Zoid’s highly anticipated 5th studio album in late 2010.

It’s official – Karen Zoid is gearing up for an eventful summer with the release of her fifth album, *Terms & Conditions.

The new album is set for an early November 2010 release.

Anticipation for a new Karen Zoid studio album has been very high since her last solo album Postmodern World was released in 2007, with the smash hit single ‘Aeroplane Jane’.

*Terms & Conditions is a strong mixture of Afrikaans & English rock, folk & alternative songs representing a return to her musical core & live performance base.

New Afrikaans radio single ‘Bly By My’ is a heartfelt beautiful song describing the quest of finding new love and wanting that person to stay with you – it’s a rock & roll love song.

New English single ‘Do what you do’ is an happy song about sticking to your guns and doing what ever makes you happy, forgetting about what anyone else would say or do. Whatever curve ball life throws at you, just do what you do and bounce back.

The new singles will be delivered to radio over the next few weeks.

Some information about: ‘Susanna van Biljon’

Karen Zoid plays the lead role in a new Franz Marx movie, ‘Susanna van Biljon’, which premiered in South African cinemas on 24 September. The movie theme song “Want as ek droom” will be re-worked for the new album.

Some information about Karen Zoid:

The release of Karen’s first solo album, ‘Poles Apart’ (2002) fired up the imagination of both media critics and the public when this charismatic self determined artist burst onto the SA music scene with the hit single ‘Afrikaners is plesierig’.

In 2003 fans were introduced to songs like ‘Beautiful’ and ‘Ons soek rock & roll’ on Karen’s sophomore album ‘Chasing the Sun’.

2005’s ‘Small Room’ (from her 3rd studio album ‘Media’) was a breakthrough single for Karen exposing her to a wider radio audience. ‘Small Room’ developed into one of SA contemporary radio’s most rotated songs in that year.

All three albums achieved GOLD status.

Then 2007’s ‘Aeroplane Jane’ (from Karen’s 4th studio album ‘Postmodern World’) created Karen’s most wide spread & impactful airplay hit to date, introducing the entire country to her quirky & uniquely individual songwriting and voice – establishing Karen Zoid as a major female icon and household name.

Time Magazine and US News & World Report highlighted Karen Zoid’s role as a female icon in the South- African market. First year students at Universities study her writing as part of their academic modules and with a SAMA award for Best Female Artist under her belt, her return with the new album *Terms & Conditions and debut starring role in a major cinematic release sets her up to achieve new levels in her career.

Karen Zoid’s ability to write gorgeous, delicately rendered songs with a vocal delivery that can be both tender & powerful, combined with her particularly well known super-charged live rock energy and distinctive personality, will undoubtedly make this release yet another landmark achievement in the life of an amazing South African woman.

For more information please contact:

Carien Loubser ( – management.
Paul Thackwray ( – label.

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