Arno Carstens’ ‘Wonderful Wild’ Deluxe Edition 2 CD/DVD set

After a year of travel and performances across South Africa, the UK and Europe, Arno Carstens will wrap up 2010 with the release of the Wonderful Wild Deluxe 2CD/DVD set.

A must for South African music fans, the release will be available in SA retail from 11 October 2010 and features the original Wonderful Wild Album with an 11 track B Sides & Remix CD and a 45 Minute DVD showcasing album music videos, exclusive acoustic performances and an album documentary not previously available to SA fans.

As an artist, Arno is a prolific songwriter. He has a constant need to push his boundaries creatively and has never been shy to try new sounds and stretch his songwriting and vocal capabilities. During the recording process of Wonderful Wild, Arno wrote and recorded over 60 new songs. The material ranged from high-energy rock anthems to melancholy ballads and showcased his ability as a multi-dimensional songwriter. The body of work that was selected as the album Wonderful Wild meant that many of these incredible tracks (due to their diverse and experimental nature) remained unreleased, until now.

Arno Carstens notes; “This deluxe version of Wonderful Wild is the musical and visual sum of the commercial album released earlier this year, with B-sides, videos and out takes that took place while recording the album. It will bring you closer to understanding the making of Wonderful Wild and the creative journey that I took in getting there.”

1. Dreamer
2. Emergency
3. Heartbreak Monday
4. Soldiers Shine
5. Note of Bliss
6. Wonderful Wild
7. Perfect Day
8. Spoilt it with a Kiss
9. Play the Game
10. Avalanche
11. Sunrise
12. Too Many Tomorrows

1. Recreated
2. Quiet Ones
3. Cheat The Reaper
4. The Drifter
5. Take Me Away
6. Make Up Your Mind
7. Haven’t Had Enough
8. Outsiders
9. Smoking
10. Heartbreak Monday (Craig Massiv mix)
11. Emergency (Craig Massiv mix)

1. Wonderful Wild Album EPK (video)
2. Heartbreak Monday (music video)
3. Dreamer (music video)
4. Emergency (music video)
5. Hurt (performance video)
6. Another Universe (O2 soundcheck)
7. Chances Are (performance video)
8. Sunrise (acoustic version video)
9. Bad Romance (performance video)
10. Emergency (acoustic version video)
11. Heartbreak Monday (acoustic version video)

The EPK features footage and interviews from the Isle of Wight Festival, Hard Rock Calling, Glastonbury as well as his time in New York and the recording process in Spain. Well-known documentary maker, Gavin Elder, who shot the first Springbok Nude Girls video in the early nineties and subsequently went on to work with Duran Duran, ACDC, Dave Gilmore and Mark Ronson, filmed and edited the footage.

The Unplugged material featured on the Deluxe edition was shot in New York while Arno was there to perform at a Yoko Ono fundraiser and album release on which Arno is featured alongside, amongst others, John Lennon. Also included are acoustic performance videos of Nine Inch Nails’ ‘Hurt’, Bob Marley’s ‘Chances Are’ and Lady Gaga’s ‘Bad Romance’ which were all filmed in London earlier this year with international guitarist Matt Chandler.

Wonderful Wild’s first radio single ‘Dreamer’ achieved high rotation airplay peaking within the Top 20 Airplay Chart on the SA Hot 100, remaining there for an incredible 6 months. The 2nd single ‘Emergency’ saw instant playlist adds on regional South African radio. Both tracks were play-listed internationally. Arno’s current single ‘Heartbreak Monday’ (co-written by Paolo Nutini) achieved playlist adds on most of the UK radio stations including BBC’s Radio 2 and Absolute FM. The track will be the third radio single released to South Africa radio in September 2010.

Wonderful Wild was written, recorded and mixed in London & Spain with co-song writing contributions from Giles Martin, James Walsh, Jim Duguid and Youth. The album was produced by legendary British producer Youth (The Verve’s Urban Hymns) and Jim Duguid (Paulo Nutini’s These Streets). Final mix on the album is by Tim Bran (The Verve’s recent UK#1 album).

Wonderful Wild is available digitally on iTunes, Amazon and It is also available in all good music stores across London and South Africa.

Arno is currently in South Africa to support the Deluxe release and will be touring regularly throughout the country for the next 12 months. The dynamic and powerful shows will incorporate his full band and showcase tracks across all of his album releases.

For more info and full touring schedule log onto :

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Follow Arno on twitter @arnocarstens

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