EROS RAMAZZOTTI’s double live CD & DVD “21.00: EROS LIVE WORLD TOUR 2009 -2010” will be released on the 13th December 2010.
The DVD contains incredible live footage from his recent world tour and showcases the spectacular production which toured thirty countries to a combined audience of more than 800 000.
The double CD features 26 live songs. Highlights include the early hits “Terra promessa”, “Una storia importante”, “Musica” and “Stella Gemella, the all time favorites “L’aurora” e “Più bella cosa” and the most recent hits “Parla con me” and “Controvento”.
Six years after the release of the last live DVD (“Eros Roma Live”, 2004), the new product “21.00: EROS LIVE WORLD TOUR 2009 -2010” will be available in two different versions:
– Double CD
– The DVD also includes extra content in the documentary “Appunti e Note di un Viaggio”, directed by Paolo Zambaldi which has English sub-titles.

“21.00” Tracklisting:
1. Appunti e Note
2. Dove C’è Musica
3. Un Attimo di Pace
4. Quanto Amore Sei
5. Stella Gemella
6. Terra Promessa
7. Una Storia Importante
8. Adesso Tu
9. Se Bastasse Una Canzone
10. Bucaneve
11. Favola
12. Un’emozione per Sempre
13. I Belong to You (Il Ritmo Della Passione)
14. Musica è
15. Amore Contro
16. Un’altra te
17. L’aurora
18. Per Me Per Sempre
19. Controvento
20. Il Cammino
21. L’ombra del Gigante
22. Cose della Vita
23. Fuoco nel Fuoco
24. Questo Immenso Show
25. Parla con Me
26. Più Bella Cosa

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2 Responses to “21.00: EROS LIVE WORLD TOUR 2009 -2010” DOUBLE LIVE CD & DVD OUT ON 13TH DECEMBER

  1. forenlace says:

    when is this blu ray going to be available? I ordered it from Amazon and they keep setting the delivery date back – is it even out oon blue ray?

    • The Burg says:

      hi there

      The Bluray version was unfortunately cancelled.
      Eros himself was unhappy with the quality of the Bluray and made the decision to pull the title.
      It will only be avaliable on DVD

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