Featured Artist: Ternielle Nelson

Who is Ternielle Nelson?

A truly exceptional SA talent – singer-songwriter with an original voice whose debut album has just been ‘UNEARTHED’ – Ternielle Nelson’s set of original songs reveals a breathtaking freshness of sound that’s as much pop as it is Afro-soul; as much folk as it is roots music.

The artist explains – “Unearthed has a very significant meaning for me, in terms of where I am in my life and my career. It’s a sign that I am set free and dug out and not succumbing to the norms in society and also the norms that are expected of me. I define myself not as a coloured woman but, as my song says, as an African Woman who is able to rise above the difficult cycles of my life. Unearthed is the word I choose to use as a sign of new things and possibilities as I journey through this daily”.

Watch Ternielle Nelson performing ‘Don’t Know Why’ by Norah Jones

Visit www.ternielle.com for more info.

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